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  • “Are you a “Sheeple” or am I the “Sheeple”"? I'd like to take a step back and really provide you with some insight that I hold very near and dear to my heart. So, in the midst of all that is happening in the world right now, I find myself reflecting on beliefs.  We all know we have them, but do you really know what your beliefs are, and how they affect the way you interact with the world? Did you know that we actually see things that validate what we already believe to

  • Films have portrayed psychic abilities and mediumship in a certain light for decades. Most of these representations tend to belong to the horror or thriller genre, and these powers are often portrayed as “evil” or “bad” in the films.  However, as we know, if this were really the case there would be a much bigger uproar and we’d all be losing our minds (pardon the pun). But then you might ask, "What is mediumship, exactly?" There are many who claim they have psychic abilities, or powers, and some make a living of

  • Alcohol consumption can be a slippery slope, especially if someone has the tendency to overdo things. Several addiction treatment programs do not work for a lot of people because they do not tap into the subconscious and get deep into the root of their awareness for overdrinking.  At Healing Soul Hypnosis, using the power of the mind, we provide a series of relaxation techniques and skills to reach a relaxed, focused subconscious state (heightened state of awareness), then make suggestions, persuasions to avoid alcohol. An example shows an image associated with alcohol

  • As parents it is normal to feel emotional about the stresses of the world around you. You may be disorganized, forgetful, antisocial, unhelpful, or just not in a good mood. Children become the emotional sponge, an anxiety transfer from you to them, soaking up the feelings. They become confused about what is going on and may even think it is their fault, which can weaken their confidence and affect how they function daily. There are things you can do to soothe your overwhelming anxiety and reduce the likelihood of your

  • If you, someone in your family, or someone you know is an athlete, then you know the pressures that come with being immersed in sports. It means your body goes through rigorous training with aches and pains, stress, and anxiety, worries, and even phobias.  When it comes to sports performance, you can become overwhelmed with a lot of criticism from your coach, teammates, and even your own inner self. Hypnotherapy can do for the mind what physical activity can do for the body of an athlete.  At Healing Soul Hypnosis, I provide

  • What is the first image that comes to your mind when you read the word "hypnosis"? For most people, they imagine a wacky, eccentric performer who hypnotizes a person from the audience to cluck and dance like a chicken. This is one of the most common representations from the media of something that, in reality, can actually prove beneficial to people's lives. Hypnotherapy continues to be a sought-after form of treatment from people who have already tried following diet trends, going through rehab programs for quitting smoking and eliminating a

  • It has been tough trying to keep it together during this challenging time. Some are not able to see friends or family, and some have been working longer hours than ever with new guidelines in place. But you can be happy, and during this time happiness can be found

  • It is bad enough that there is stress in our lives, but to have stress that is hard to shake off is even more frustrating. Here are the 5 main causes of stress and why they are hard to resolve: 1. Financial Problems At some point many people are going to be stressed over money during the month. Even now, there are people continually struggling to pay bills and get by, whether or not they have some form of income coming in.  Signs of financial stress are: Being worried and feeling anxious over money

  • We are all losing our patience with the year 2020, with no idea of knowing when we can get back to a sense of “normal.” Several people are stuck at home in quarantine, and many more have been working this whole time. No matter what situation we’re in, we are all exhausted mentally and physically. We are all feeling confused, sad, and anxious. Being self-isolated is making us feel detached from some of the activities we used to use as coping mechanisms for our feelings and mental health. Many are finding

  • Many who work in healthcare work long hours, and sometimes they even work for extended periods without days off. Whether they are a nurse or a doctor or a surgeon, they all work hard to ensure we are cared for properly. Too often we forget that these people need to take care of their health as well! If you work in healthcare, please know that when it comes to your health, there is help. Learn what benefits you can have from hypnotherapy and why you should make it a necessary part

  • Your employees are the backbone of your company. While you may think they are most likely your largest expense, if you care for them properly, they can actually be your biggest asset and investment. Taking care of your employees as well as their health and strength will directly affect the company’s health and strength. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for regaining and supporting health, both physically and mentally speaking. Why not use it for your employees and your company as a whole? Why Choose Hypnotherapy? Stress is the number one cause of setbacks

  • Are you a new mom looking at having a home birth this year? While there is nothing wrong with planned medical births at the hospital (nor should they be replaced all of the time with home births; for example, you’re having multiple babies, i.e. twins), there are pros to giving a planned birth at home instead. Being in the comfort of your own home gives you a little more control over who you want surrounding you during this time. It could be family, friends, a midwife or doula—since childbirth is typically

  • If you’re a smoker and worried about the risks around COVID-19, then now would be a good time to think about quitting for good. It’s a harsh reality that if you’re a smoker, you’re more likely to get acute respiratory infections and have a higher risk of those infections becoming severe. There has never been a better time to stop smoking. But quitting is hard for many, and perhaps particularly so at a time of great stress and when many of our routines have been so suddenly disrupted. Perhaps, like the majority of smokers,

  • The current pandemic has certainly changed the we live our everyday lives. It has affected many of our daily routines, and one of its biggest reported impacts has been that on sleep—sleep becomes more elusive when we are anxious. Many people are suffering from sleep issues for the first time in their lives: staying awake for long periods of time unable to fall asleep at all waking up several times during the night more intense and emotional dreams feeling tired and groggy the next morning finding it difficult to concentrate or function

  • The coronavirus outbreak is leading to big changes in the way we live our everyday lives. Our relationships are hugely important to us just at a time when they are being placed under the most intense pressure. Relationships are not built on the expectation that you'll be spending all day, every day with that person. If you’re both working from home, with nowhere to go in the evenings, there’s a chance you may experience some friction. Perhaps it’s happening already? This is perfectly normal, particularly given the increased stress we’re all under right now. But, as

  • Forgiveness is the decision to let go of resentment and any thoughts of revenge. It can help to lessen the grip that hurt may have on you and free you from the control of the person who harmed you. Forgiveness can help you gain feelings of understanding, empathy, and compassion for who hurt you. Forgiveness is not forgetting or excusing the person who caused the harm done to you. It is about bringing yourself a kind of peace that helps your go on with your own life. The Effects of Holding a

  • Forgiving someone is a powerful thing you can do for yourself. It’s not easy, though. Especially if you don’t know how. Forgiveness does not always mean letting the person get away with hurting you. Rather, it’s giving yourself closure on the situation and letting yourself let go of the situation so it doesn’t become emotional baggage you carry around. It can be difficult, but with a little help from hypnotherapy, you can have the tools you need to move on. First, Find What is Holding You Back Check in with how your body feels

  • The world is in the grip of a global pandemic. We are living in extremely uncertain times, and that uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. You may feel worried right now. You may struggle to keep anxious thoughts in check. And you may feel unsure about the future. But help is at hand. You CAN learn to live with uncertainty. Facing Uncertainty is Scarier than Facing Physical Pain A study shows that the uncertainty of something bad happening can be more stressful than the knowledge of something bad happening. In 2016, a group of

  • There is science behind hypnosis and its positive effects on the mind, even on the immune system. One review in particular was done at the start of this very century, which brought to light a call to action to invest in further research. The review was conducted and written by the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Behaviour, from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London, UK. What happened? Three investigations were done using self-hypnosis, which included immune system imagery. Two of the three studies centered on the effects of stress on

  • If you’ve ever seen the word HypnoDontics and said “Hypno-what?”, this is what it’s all about. HypnoDontics is a hypnosis technique that applies controlled suggestion and/or complete hypnosis to the practice of dentistry. It’s not necessarily eliminating analgesia or anesthesia from normal dental procedures; rather, it’s used in addition to them via controlled suggestion. Controlled suggestion is an intentional and careful feeding of a suggestion into the brain to promote a given effect or reduce a negative one. Once a suggestion is achieved, it can affect the following in a person,

  • Before we dive into the hypnotherapy part, let’s talk about what bruxism and TMJ are first for clarity’s sake. Bruxism is a medical condition distinguished by jaw clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping. Continual grinding and clenching can cause dental damage, jaw pain, and may even lead to chronic headaches, affecting your quality of life. There are two types of bruxism: primary, which occurs with no known underlying causes, and secondary (the most common), which is the symptom of another medical or psychological condition. How Can Bruxism Develop? It’s theorized

  • S.A.D. stands for seasonal affective disorder, or “winter depression” as it is most often known. In rare cases people may also have reverse S.A.D. or “summer depression”, but for this article we will focus on the winter form of S.A.D., which is the most common. Symptoms of S.A.D. vary, but they mostly consist of the following: Sleeping issues: too much and/or disruptions in sleep Energy loss, fatigue Anxiety Feelings: hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness, and guilt Not able to think clearly, concentrate, indecisiveness Loss of libido Depressive mood – sad, empty, tearful Loss

  • What exactly is depression? It is when a person has a low mood for a long time, which makes it difficult to function during everyday activities. It can affect someone in different ways, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe or somewhere in-between. Depending on how much depression interferes with your life determines its level of severity. One thing for certain, depression is not a typical mental health condition. There are many types and subtypes of depression that affect many people. Be sure to discuss your depression with a professional before

  • New Year’s resolutions are goals we set for ourselves. The New Year = new me mind mentality has lasted since the Babylonians first started using them 4,000 years ago. Unfortunately it’s very common to see people nowadays fail to accomplish their goals. When it comes to quitting smoking in particular, this is a real challenge. Either it never happens, or some people only quit for a few months before taking it up again, most likely from a trigger that causes them to use smoking as a coping mechanism. This is why you

  • Every year we make a New Year’s resolution; it’s a tradition that’s lasted for millennia. The most popular New Year’s resolutions people tend to make to this day include: Get fit and lose weight Be more organized in work/life in general Save money, spend less Quit smoking Drink less alcohol Eat less sugar/carbs Enjoy life and welcome new experiences Find love/a relationship Travel more The biggest goal of any New Year’s resolution is to better yourself in one way or another. What most people don’t realize however is how they set

  • The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, especially if you are prone to getting anxious. It doesn’t help that there are so many potential triggers that can cause anxiety; the holidays are full of activities to plan, things to buy, decorating, cooking, cleaning—it’s a lot to handle all at once! Not to mention you may or may not have a household full of family staying for the season. That can also contribute to a lot of extra anxiety, too. There is help for those especially anxious about this

  • The abundance mindset can be achieved through the help of hypnotherapy, as I have mentioned in my previous article Abundance Via Hypnotherapy: It's Not Just a State of Mind. There are some things you can do alongside your hypnotherapy sessions that will help to achieve that sense of abundance in your life. Here are five ways to do it; feel free to practice these at home, at work, and in your daily life. 1. Practice Gratitude Be grateful for the things we already have in our lives; this is one simple thing

  • The word ‘diet’ has several meanings. One can go on a “diet” for medical reasons, such as the DASH diet or a diet to help with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Most of us refer to diets as those fads that come around like Keto, the Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, and so on. The fad types of diets are usually highly restrictive and more of a temporary way of eating to lose weight. Some diets can be quite dangerous if you stay on them for too long. No matter what you decide

  • When someone close to you passes away, you may not have the opportunity to process your grief properly. You may feel overwhelmed and unable to concentrate; you may have to push through your day as you go to work; you may even feel numb and empty. It is true that people deal with grief differently. However, it can become problematic. We do not want it to completely take over our lives, but for some people that may just happen. Grief Recovery through Hypnotherapy  By undergoing hypnotherapy, you can give yourself the time to

  • “Abundance” suggests the word “many,” or “lots of,” as in friends, family, money, and love. However, the key meaning of abundance is the opposite of scarcity; that you are happy with who you are, and nothing can change that happiness, external event, or situation, good or bad. Abundance as a State of Mind No one is happy all the time, but with the abundance mindset, you can live with balance, hopefulness, and unlimited possibility. Abundance of wealth is the biggest thing many people desire. But in reality, abundance can give you a source

  • October can be a fun but also stressful time of the year for those who have certain fears or phobias. We all know that Halloween is best associated with ghosts and goblins, and that spookiness and frightening things are celebrated rather than not. However, for many people, especially children, this time of the year is one where phobias and fears of certain actions or things can be created or amplified tenfold. And for hundreds more people, that fear or phobia is something they live with year-round. What if I told you

  • While hypnotherapy is not the cure for cancer or treatment the the cancer itself, it can help with a lot of the side effects and emotional trauma that surrounds it, both for those battling it and the friends and family suffering alongside. In honour of Pink October, I’d like to show you how hypnotherapy sessions can help any Canadian who is living with or has survived cancer and their families. What is Pink October? Breast Cancer Awareness Month (known as Pink October) is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast

  • For most people, anxiety is a part of any normal life, such as being a bit nervous before an interview. But there are people who suffer chronic anxiety, and it interferes with how they live daily. Anxiety is not only a behavioural issue; it can be detrimental to your physical health. Symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and depression can be brought on more frequently by regular release of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) due to long-term anxiety and panic attacks. Long-term exposure to these hormones can be harmful to your long-term

  • When it comes to childbirth, most pregnant women are unsure of what they should consider in terms of having their first or their next baby. “Should I have an epidural?” they may ask. “Should I just go without drugs?” is another consideration they may have. What if I told you there was a way you could have your baby naturally—and it wouldn’t hurt as badly as you think it might? Learn about these five reasons why you should consider trying HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method when it’s time to have your

  • Have you and your child or teenager decided on trying out a hypnotherapy session? If so, it’s worth your time reading this before arriving. By preparing yourself for your child or teen’s hypnotherapy session, you can better prepare them for it too. Learn what you should expect of a typical session and typical child/teen reactions to hypnotherapy. A Typical Session  When you make an appointment for your child or teen, your hypnotherapist may ask for a little background information, such as what you have already tried in order to resolve the issue, and

  • Kids go through a lot during their teenage years, and with all of their trials and tribulations they may have a hard time overcoming them. Hypnotherapy might be the answer you’re looking for to help them through their challenges. When it comes to hypnosis, teens can achieve positive results using their imagination, flexible and unbiased attitude towards life, and their willingness to accept the positive suggestions to get better, which is carried on into adulthood. While I have previously covered the why of hypnotherapy for teens, it didn’t really cover the how

  • If you suffer from depression, you may find some treatments you’ve been undergoing just aren’t cutting it for you. It’s about finding a combination of what works for the individual where you can feel and experience relief from your depression. Depression is not a synonym for feeling sad. It is a serious mental illness, with many suffering daily bouts of hopelessness, fatigue, a racing mind, aches, and pains. It hijacks the mind and body. Hypnotherapy, along with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be a good tool to help the depression deep inside

  • If you think meditation is just sitting quietly on a cushion surrounded by strangers in a yoga studio while saying, “om,” you may be surprised at the reality of what it really is, as well as the many health benefits you can get from meditation. You can train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts and increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings through the habitual process of meditation. Many view meditation as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration while also using it to develop other beneficial habits

  • I would like to share with you some thoughts on fears, phobias, and negative self-talk. While these thoughts can relate to any fears or phobias you might have, the fear of flying is one of the most frequently treated phobias I assist with using hypnotherapy, so that is the main example I am going to be referring to for the majority of this article. Feel free to attribute my advice here on flying to your own fear, phobia, or negative self-talk that you are trying to change for your sake and to

  • Are you curious about hypnotherapy? Are you still unsure as to whether or not it may help you in your life? The question “Is hypnotherapy right for me?” is one I am frequently asked. One way you can find out before you come in for an appointment is by testing yourself to see how easily you can go into a trance. All day long, people are going into and out of levels of trance. When time “flies by” while reading a good book, or when you’re driving, and you don’t realize where

  • Through hypnosis, you may be able to recover memories, scenes, and/or feelings from another or several other previous lifetimes. This is what is commonly referred to as a Past Life Regression, or PLR. Some people have found that by obtaining this knowledge of their past lifetimes, they have found inner peace and brought healing to their present life. Positive Reasons for Experiencing a PLR If you have unexplained ailments or pain, where medical testing shows no reasonable explanation. Unnecessary anxieties, fears, or phobias that interfere with your quality of life. Wish to

  • Hypnotherapy is not a service that I only suggest to adults. In fact, it can help people as young as 5 years old who are faced with or living with an issue that needs to be resolved. If you’re a teenager, you already know growing up is hard, and it’s all too easy to feel like you’re alone in your struggle. If you are a parent or a teen who is facing a certain issue, some of which we are going to address down below, please consider using hypnotherapy as a

  • Kids feel everything at such a bigger level than us adults do. That does, unfortunately, include all of the negative and unpleasant emotions. Kids are so in touch with these emotions, in fact, that I think they can teach us adults things about our own perspectives. Whatever your child is struggling with, hypnotherapy can help. There are five big issues that I have helped kids with in the past as a clinical hypnotherapist. These are some issues that are worth addressing. 1. Nail biting Nail biting is a habit most frequently associated with

  • Yes, you read that right. Hypnotherapy can help with your anxiety. Much like smoking or other addictions, anxiety too is a mental state in which a negative pattern has developed over time in a person’s life. It is natural to feel anxious about certain things in particular, but it is when the anxiety has become an everyday part of your life when it takes on a much more destructive form. How is Anxiety Formed? Sometimes, a person in early formative years are exposed to anxious people, whether it be parents or other

  • Why do people smoke? There are many answers to this question since the how or when a person starts smoking regularly varies from individual to individual. In general, smoking is a behaviour, a pattern. At some point, subconsciously, your mind decided that smoking was helping you, whether it stemmed from a self-esteem issue or you tried out smoking because you wanted to fit in with your peers when you were younger. Why Smoking is Such a Damaging Habit Smoking is the #1 trigger of several diseases known to date, including but definitely not

  • Some of the benefits of meditation are things like mind focus, stress relief, working at achieving goals. A lot of times people will experience things like mood enhancement, feeling better, feeling happier, feeling more relaxed, just feeling more centered and balanced, feeling connected (both to themselves and other people).

  • The Virtual Gastric Band is a fresh perspective and a life-long positive change for those who are willing to do the work it takes to overcome this obstacle in their life. 

  • Are you curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in general? Here you can learn what it is and how it came to be a most useful tool in this modern age.

  • HypnoBirthing® is a hypnosis technique based off of the teachings of The Mongan Method, creating a state where a woman is using her body as it was naturally intended in a peaceful birthing process.

  • A lot of people think of HypnoDontics as just being able to use hypnosis techniques for pain relief, but in fact HypnoDontics addresses all sorts of issues. For example, the dentists are aware of certain conditions that people have that affect their teeth and their oral hygiene such as smoking, people who have bulimia, those sorts of issues affect the teeth.

  • Most people will just feel like they’re sitting there with their eyes closed in a chair. They might feel some heaviness; they might feel some relaxation; they might experience something very similar to a meditative state if they’ve had that sort of experience before.

  • Most people think of hypnosis as they’re sleeping or they lose conscious awareness, but in fact that’s actually not true. Instead, most people will just feel like they’re sitting in a chair with their eyes closed while being able to use imagery, which is the language of the subconscious mind.