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When Should I Consider Hypnotherapy & Will I Be Able to Be Hypnotized? | Healing Soul Hypnosis

When Should I Consider Hypnotherapy & Will I Be Able to Be Hypnotized?

When it comes to hypnotherapy, the first questions on everyone’s mind are: “Should I consider hypnotherapy?” and “Will I be able to be hypnotized?” These are both very frequently asked questions when I tell others I’m a hypnotherapist.

Unlike what you see in the movies or on TV, you do not lose control over your behaviour when under hypnosis. You are still aware of and remember what happens during hypnosis. 

What you also do not see in movies or TV is the many ways in which hypnotherapy can help you in your daily life and life’s struggles. 

Let’s address these questions one by one.

First: “Can I be Hypnotized?”

Hypnosis is a natural state. We are in and out of hypnotic states at least one hundred times a day. Natural states of hypnosis are created with focus or relaxation. During your everyday life you are in a hypnotic or trance state when you watch T.V>, daydream, re4ad a book, drive somewhere and forget how you got there. 

The more open you are to hypnotic suggestions, and the more comfortable you feel to let go, the more likely you can become hypnotized. Fear is the number one factor that prevents people from allowing themselves to go into hypnosis. 

Some people are more open to hypnosis by having the personality that responds to direct literal suggestion. To help you out, feel free to go through the test below to figure out your level of hypnotic suggestibility.

Choose A, B, or C

  1. Close your eyes, imagining you are at a movie, how clear are you able to see your favorite actor?
    a. Extremely. b. Vaguely. c. Can not “get it.” 
  2. Trying to cut back on junk food and you happen to be bored. You remember there is ice cream in the freezer. Do you
    a. Leave it. b. Take one spoonful. c. Finish the container. 
  3. The mode of transportation you are most comfortable is:
    a. Plane. b. Train. c. Your own vehicle. 
  4. Imagine your “happy place.” How well are you able to experience it?
    a. Well. b. So-So. c. Barely. 
  5. Your boss blows up at you in front of your co-workers. How well can you control your emotions?
    Full control, keeping it together. b. Can hold it in for a while. c. Complete breakdown and/or blow up. 
  6. How long does it take for you to fall asleep?
    a. 10 minutes. b. Half an hour. c. At least an hour. 
  7. Imagine the feeling of being in love. How vivid can you see it or feel it?
    Very. b. Somewhat. c. Not at all clear. 
  8. You find a wallet with money in it on the floor of a coffee shop. Assuming honest intentions, you:
    a. Turn it in to the police. b. Turn it over to the staff. c. Check the ID and call the owner yourself. 
  9. Do you daydream?
    a. A lot. b. Every so often. c. Rarely, if ever. 
  10.  Picture a proud moment those close to you cheered for you. How easy were you able to re-experience it?
    a. Easy. b. Having trouble. c. More difficult or impossible. 


10 points for each A answer, 5 for each B, 0 for each C. 

55-100: Great imagination. You are trusting and capable of letting go. Hypnosis is most definitely for you.

25-45: Hypnosis will become easier and more beneficial if you can move past your analytical approach and keep a longer focus on your imagination. 

0-24: You are very analytical and grasp onto your control out of fear. Hypnosis will take longer because of this. 

“When Should I Consider Hypnotherapy?”

At Healing Soul Hypnosis, I can figure out a new way to manage your issues faster and more effectively with hypnotherapy. It can be used alongside other treatments as a part of a treatment plan as well as used to help find an underlying cause of an issue. Once found, you can find what treatment method will work best to deal with the medical or psychological issue. 

Benefits that hypnotherapy can help you with:

  • Pain. Examples include burns, cancer, childbirth, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint problems, dental procedures, arthritis, and headaches.
  • Hot flashes and symptoms of hot flashes associated with menopause.
  • Behavioural change. This includes insomnia, bed-wetting, and overeating. Those wishing to lose weight can have success with hypnotherapy which helps to create change in their eating habits without feeling deprived for a long-term plan to be healthy. Those who wish to quit smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also receive help from hypnotherapy as one of the most successful methods to stop these unhealthy habits easily and safely. 
  • Side effects from cancer treatment. Hypnotherapy can help ease the side effects related to chemotherapy and radiation treatment. 
  • Mental health conditions. Hypnotherapy can help treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress. Using hypnotherapy, we can find the underlying cause of these issues then work to reduce or end the negative feelings. 
  • Improve life. Hypnotherapy is the simplest way to experience deep relaxation, and a useful way to improve overall well-being and health leaving you refreshed, calmer and more positive about life. By reprogramming the mind, we can help you reach your goals in love, career, finances, and more.

If you wish to try a hypnotherapy session or have any more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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