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The Art of Visualization | Healing Soul Hypnosis

The Art of Visualization

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” What if I told you there is something more to it? Being able to see something in your mind that you wish to accomplish or obtain, and then doing so? 

Have you had a random dream in the past and then thought “Nah, this will never happen”? Then later you have the same dream, you really put your heart into it, you think, “I really want this,” and then it comes to fruition? 

This is the idea behind the art of visualization: being able to use your mental imagery to bring something to life. 

What is Visualization?

The art of mental imagery is basically what visualization is. It’s the practice of putting your focus on achieving something you really want, and then seeing it become actualized.  

When you believe something, by applying the art of visualization towards it, you use your mind to depict dreams already being a reality. Nothing has changed in the “real world”; meanwhile inside your mind, you have entered the state of mind where you conquered or accomplished what you dreamed for. 

Your goal is to shift your way of thinking or build yourself a mindset, using the power of positive thinking. 

When we get into these cycles of negative thinking, our current mental state tells us we haven’t made any accomplishments. This turns the wheel of negativity, making us think we are at a lack of something, creating a sense of inability. These cycles can drive us to give up our dreams completely if we get stuck too far down the rabbit hole of negative thinking. 

It is important to be able to use our mind’s eye to delve deep when we’re dreaming of good possibilities. When we create that mindset for ourselves, we can better create a vision that will work in that direction, which accelerates our goal achieving process. 

Benefits of Visualization

The benefits are rooted in their ability to change your mindset for better. It helps to stop the lack of progress you might be experiencing in your life to drive your willpower for your drive toward success. When you start to visualize things, you start to feel your emotions and deepest values being accomplished, in turn fueling your inner motivation.  

You can’t genuinely work for your goals if you are unable to visualize them on the other side of the horizon and see things from another perspective. When you start to visualize, you will see things becoming decluttered, less distractions, and positive energy flowing your way. 

Using the Art of Visualization

You start with a focus, one clear thing, to alert your mind while you repel the negative thoughts replacing them with positive ones. 

When you picture your goal, you start from the end, not your actual goal, but the reactions of what comes after achieving it. Knowing the whole story from the end, you can begin to work backwards. 

Start by breaking it into smaller pieces if your goal seems “too good to be true.” 

Instead of seeing the whole picture, start working on one emotion: “Will I feel happy if I attain this goal?” “Who will I share this with first?” “How would it make them feel?” “How would they help me celebrate?”

Start creating a story, and you will gradually work toward creating a scene that describes your goal. 

Visualization techniques include:

Guided Meditation
There are many groups, online sources, classes you can take for meditation. Guided meditation has someone guide you to imagine a picture in your head and follow meditation techniques. 

Candle Exercise
Light a candle then stare into it and close your eyes. You may experience something called an after-burn effect, allowing you to be able to visualize its effects. You then mentally trace its shape present in front of you. 

Apple Visualization
Feel the smooth peel of an apple with eyes closed. Observe the ripen shine and visualize yourself taking a bite. Imagine how it tastes, and as you get better at it, you can imagine the crispness and sweetness. 

Whatever your goal or task you are setting out to achieve, you can bring those dreams to reality using the power of your mind. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are all about using visualization to transform the way you perceive your goals. Would you like some help to hone your skills? Contact me if you have any questions. 

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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