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8 Tips to Make Your Hypnotherapy Session Successful | Healing Soul Hypnosis

8 Tips to Make Your Hypnotherapy Session Successful

You’ve done it; you’ve finally consulted with a hypnotherapist, and now your first hypnotherapy session is coming up. However, you can’t help but feel uncertain, even uneasy about it.

It’s okay. The first session can always seem overwhelming and even frightening if this is your first experience with hypnotherapy and you’re not sure what to expect. After all, how are you expected to tell someone with whom you’ve never met before your innermost insecurities, without speculating what they’re thinking?  

No matter if it’s your first session or not, there are things we can do to make your sessions as fulfilling as possible. These eight tips can help make your hypnotherapy sessions successful. 

1. Do Your Research

If this is your first time seeing a hypnotherapist, make sure you do your research. Call or ask all the questions you have during a first consultation before booking a full session. Make sure that you find the right person for you, that they have proper credentials, and that you are as ready to put in the work for hypnotherapy to be successful as they are. One question you might ask is how many hours of training did they get? Or do they have training and experience in interactive techniques such as regression therapy or parts therapy or do they mainly use direct or post-hypnotic suggestions?

You want someone with a higher level of training than a basic 2-day hypnosis course. While direct suggestion may work for some people some of the time, it doesn’t work for all people all the time. Many people see better results from working with a hypnotherapist who has experience in different kinds of therapies and takes a client-centered approach. 

Be wary of those who describe hypnosis as a form of magic or take credit for client successes. You can’t wave the wand and with some words, *poof* be cured or fully healed. I even wrote an article about that very misconception.

If you’re receiving a full explanation of the process of hypnosis and what your session will look like step by step, the hypnotherapist will most likely be right for you, if you feel comfortable. 

If you’re told to “just Google it,” move on to someone else. 

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and your hypnotherapist should know this. They are acting as a guide for change that you are creating for yourself. 

2. Be Honest

Before you can free your mind, you must be completely honest with yourself and your hypnotherapist. Remember why you’re having the session to begin with. By suppressing information about specifics of your life, you can intensely change the result of your session.

Don’t assume your hypnotherapist is a mind reader and is able to tell what is holding you back. The more information you give, the easier you can free yourself and the more likely your mind will be more receptive and open to change. 

3. Be Open to Surprises and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you been so deep in thought you missed the phone ring? You know that feeling you have, directly before you drift to sleep? It’s that state of mind that feels like a comforting aura, and so peaceful that it’s not possible to drift off. This is the goal of hypnotherapy; finding that deep state of relaxation and feeling of narrowed focus, without fully falling asleep.

Showing up is not enough. You’ve got to want the change, believe you can achieve it, and be ready and willing to accept it. Let yourself be open to the surprises your mind brings you, the feelings that appear via the memories or awareness that may arise. 

4. Be Ready for Change and Commit to the Process

It’s easier said than done to go with the flow, but if you allow yourself to open your mind to flow freely, you may be amazed by what you learn about yourself. We process information habitually, so if you’re more predisposed to think in the negative, the information you take in will have a negative meaning. With an open mind, you can try and avoid dropping back into these negative thinking patterns. 

Being committed to the process of change will affect your overall outcome. If you’re not fully committed, no matter how good of a hypnotherapist you have, we can’t overcome your unwillingness to change. You must be ready to do the work and use hypnotherapy as your tool for change. 

5. Keep Control of Your Mind; Give Your Conscious Mind a Job

Find yourself analyzing your hypnotherapist? Give your conscious mind a task. Ask your mind to sincerely accept the suggestions your hypnotherapist gives, and that they are made without suspicion or judgment. Focus on relaxing every muscle in your body. Imagine negative emotions leaving it as positive emotions pour in.

6. Be Open and Clear with Your Intentions, and Focus on What You Want

You are looking to help better yourself and find ways to handle negativity in your life. Creating a deep connection with your unconscious with hypnotherapy creates an experience which can help you concentrate more attentively on your goals.

To achieve whatever goal you’re setting out to accomplish—for example, reduce anxiety, overcome addictive behaviour, lose weight, boost your self-esteem—you must concentrate on what you want and bring that focus into your session. 

7. Get Physically Comfortable

To reach that deep level of relaxation, it is important that no physical discomfort or distraction deters you. It’s usually good to try and get a good night’s rest the night before, so that you won’t be prone to falling asleep during your session.

Wear loose fitting, light clothing, perhaps layers (to adjust your body temp if needed). If you wear contacts, consider glasses, so that you can take them off when your eyes are closed, as they will be for about an hour, if not longer. 

8. Have Fun

It is a thrilling state of mind to be in, and like a rollercoaster (for those who partake), you’ll want to stay on and ride it all over again.

With the right support and time, you can achieve your goals and change unhealthy negative habits, both physical and psychological. 

Feel free to learn more about the benefits of hypnotherapy, and don’t hesitate to contact me for any question or concerns you may have.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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