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Having a Home Birth? Hypnobirthing® is a Great Tool | Healing Soul Hypnosis

Having a Home Birth? Hypnobirthing® is a Great Tool

Are you a new mom looking at having a home birth this year? While there is nothing wrong with planned medical births at the hospital (nor should they be replaced all of the time with home births; for example, you’re having multiple babies, i.e. twins), there are pros to giving a planned birth at home instead.

Being in the comfort of your own home gives you a little more control over who you want surrounding you during this time. It could be family, friends, a midwife or doula—since childbirth is typically a non-clinical experience, a home birth might be a choice that better appeals to you. For some moms, there’s something about a clinical, hospital environment that can be anxiety-producing and create the sensation of a medical emergency, which childbirth is not.

The key to a successful home birth is to encourage a natural and stress-free one. It is mind over matter. Mothers with Hypnobirthing® experience have described it as pressure rather than pain, and “surges” or “waves” rather than contractions.

Through Hypnobirthing®, practiced deep breathing, visualization, prompts from their birth companion, and labour comfort measures, mothers can train their brain to, on demand, draw a deep relaxation response. Here are some more reasons why you should add Hypnobirthing® to your toolkit when it’s near time for your little one to arrive at home.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing®

  • Positive expectation and genuine excitement away from fears and worries
  • Empowerment and control of your pregnancy and birth
  • Establishing a close bond and deep connection between mother and baby
  • Opportunity to practice and work with your partner to create a positive and memorable experience
  • Possibility for shorter labour and a drug-free birth, leaving mother energized to attend to her newborn
  • Possibility for reduced medical intervention and more speedy post-natal recovery
  • Risk of post-natal depression is reduced
  • Increased oxygen supply helps in developing the baby’s brain
  • Need for a C-section is often eliminated as the baby is protected from the mother’s stress hormones, i.e. birth trauma
  • Reduce the usual discomforts that accompany pregnancy
  • Learn life skills, nutritional guidelines, and relaxation techniques that will be useful throughout life 

Hypnobirthing® helps teach a woman’s body that it is naturally designed to conceive, nurture, and give birth with ease and comfort; it helps you learn how to achieve safer easier, and more comfortable birth; it helps you understand better why pain does not have to accompany labour. Pregnant women can learn deep relaxation techniques to help end the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome that may accompany clinical birth, and create their body’s own natural epidural (endorphins), rather than relying on artificial ways of inducing labour. Learn to create a calm, serene, and joyful birthing environment free of stress and tension, and use gentle birthing techniques that breathes the baby into the world rather than using violent physical pushing.

Hypnobirthing® is a tool to help best guide mother and baby through the birthing journey, no matter where you decide it will take place. If you feel Hypnobirthing® can help you destress and look forward more to this moment in your life, give me a call today. I’m an expert in several hypnotherapy techniques, and certified to provide this form of hypnosis to any couple who is expecting a new baby.

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