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12 Things You Should Know About a Past Life Regression | Healing Soul Hypnosis

12 Things You Should Know About a Past Life Regression

Have you experienced something that seemed like a strange dream yet felt so real? Something from your past, perhaps? I am not talking about your current life; I’m talking about the feeling of experiences in earlier lives you have had before this one.

Past life regression therapy may be something to explore if you are curious to know more about how you have lived in other lives before. It can help you better understand yourself, your habits, and your desires, possibly conquer phobias and nightmares, process grief and create forgiveness, and resolve some of your life’s mysteries.

If you are wondering how it feels, think of it this way: you may feel as if you are walking through a portal to other worlds in which you have lived before. Or maybe you will feel like you’re riding on a dimensional roller coaster, allowing you to see your life from another perspective. 

Here are some other things you may want to know about past life regression. 

1. Past Life Regression Therapy Uses Hypnosis

Accessing your past life’s memories or any distant memories needs us to focus inward and delve into the subconscious mind through hypnosis, which is a form of focused awareness. You will be in a light trance state, still aware of your surroundings, while at the same time completely engaged in your past life’s memory.

2. Can Everyone Be Regressed?

As with anything, past regression therapy is not for everyone. That is why before your first session I make sure to get to know you and your personal history better. The sessions will ultimately work out for the best if you provide me with a feeling for any issues you may wish to address in your session and ensure the therapy is right for you.

There is no way for sure we can know if you can access a past life memory until we try. Success is about your soul’s readiness, your openness, and your willingness to change, as well as any unknowns that may be on your session day. Each person is different, so each session is different. 

3. What Can Result from My Session?

You may gain many new perspectives from a session such as helping you to understand and resolve current relationships, unravel emotional problems including phobias and compulsions, and heal physical symptoms. All from re-experiencing and processing a past memory.

4. How Many Sessions Are Suggested?

Some people can find one session gives them a massive shock of insight and changes their perspective. It can take time to process these changes as this is not talk therapy; rather, it’s a form of hypnosis that goes deeper. 

Unlike regular therapy, it is not necessary for you to attend weekly or monthly sessions. Some find another session a few months or a year or more later can help intensify their understanding and continue the healing process. It will always be your choice, and you may feel that one session is all you need. 

5. Break the Linear Mindset

Many grow up with the belief that life is like a straightforward timeline, always moving forward and learning as we go and age. Part of this is true…not entirely though. You may have been a hero in one lifetime, or you may have been addicted to something in another. The linear belief is unfair. However, the universe gives us what we need to learn the right lessons and reach expansion in our souls. No lesson is greater than another; all lessons lead toward compassion, growth, and enlightenment. 

6. Not Every Problem is About a Past Life

Many of us suffer from fears and phobias to the point where it seems to be a natural part of life. The origin of these fears and phobias are not necessarily from a past life. Even if you cannot remember a specific incidence of trauma, almost all fears can be found to have a current life origin. 

7. You May Not Have Even Been Human

Prepare yourself. Yes, it may not be a common thing, however some have found themselves in past lives, looking down at their body, to be not human, and not on earth. If you are not expecting it, it can be a bit freaky, but otherwise fun.

8. Parallel Lives

When given the suggestion, “Let’s take you back to a past life that’s affecting you today,” 1 in 5 may go to a life they currently live in another body and another part of the country. By healing that issue you are helping both lives, and perhaps more parallel lives as well. You do not have to believe in concepts such as reincarnation at all to feel this effect. To go further and think you may actually be living more than one life at a time may open up in you a whole new fascinating understanding of the world.

9. The Best Lesson from a Regression Takes Time

As mentioned before, you may have been addicted to something in a past life. This doesn’t mean you as the voyager on your regression are addicted to something now, nor does it mean that you will be in the next life. All this means is there is a reason you recounted this particular past, and a reason why you are being shown that information; ultimately it presents the possibility of healing from traits, habits, and mindsets inherently found in addiction, which can be more fully discovered during a regression. Life is about balance. It will take time to figure out where we need to be in each life to learn the lesson we were meant to learn.

10. Sorry, She Was Probably Your Mother Many Times Before

There are a few people in your life that will always reincarnate with you and another few that show up a lot. Some may be those you really do not like or get along with. They may even play the same role in some of those lives, whether you like it or not.

11. The Unexplainable Moments

There are a few things we cannot explain that may happen during a regression session.

  1. Strange feelings of heaviness all down one side of the body—phenomenon of this sort can be assumed to be injuries suffered by one of your past lives. If you suffered something unpleasantly painful, and it happened to come up in one of your past life memories it is unlikely you will physically feel it to that extent in your session. You may experience a physical sensation of pain or strange feeling in a part of your body as a sign or symbol of what happened to you in this memory you are recalling. Remember, you are completely safe, and if you are feeling severely uneasy, or in a lot of pain, I will make sure to care for you appropriately. Keep in mind though that this is rare and not something you need to worry about. I am here for your concerns and will provide a safe space when you need.
  2. Your past life regression memory showed you as a man with blue eyes. Blue eyes are a recessive trait, and you have brown eyes though the image of the man you may or may not have been was clearly blue-eyed.
  3. A recurring image. It might feel like something out of a Hollywood movie, yet feel very real as you experience your regression session.

12. You May Have Been Famous Without Being the Queen of England

After binge watching the history channel you may believe you are the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth, Elvis Presley, or Abraham Lincoln perhaps? Your affinity for a particular historical figure may not be because you were them in a past life; rather, you were associated with them. Perhaps a member of Cleopatra’s court? Or a friend of Anne Boleyn? Famous more with a connection than actually famous…you never know. 

One Last Note

Remember, past life regression therapy is not always enjoyable. A traumatic event may surface in your experience. It is how you use this memory that will help your understanding of who you are now and use it to grow. It is also quite a fascinating thing to delve into if it piques your curiosity, especially if you feel as if you have had some of these other life memories flood to the surface. 

I can help you bring insight to who you are and help you explore the life/lives you have had formerly. If you have any questions, click bellow to learn more.


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