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Why Teens Should Consider Hypnotherapy | Healing Soul Hypnosis

Why Teens Should Consider Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is not a service that I only suggest to adults. In fact, it can help people as young as 5 years old who are faced with or living with an issue that needs to be resolved. If you’re a teenager, you already know growing up is hard, and it’s all too easy to feel like you’re alone in your struggle.

If you are a parent or a teen who is facing a certain issue, some of which we are going to address down below, please consider using hypnotherapy as a means to address and conquer these issues so that they do not become significant factors in adulthood.

Certain Issues Teenagers Face Desperately Require Our Help.

The world we grew up in as teenagers is absolutely not the same world that teens are growing up in right here and now. We did not all grow up with the Internet; that is something the generations of teens after us grow up with. Social media is no longer a fad either. It is a constant presence in our lives that teens are exposed to daily, at almost every minute of every hour. This creates so many more issues in teenage years that the generation before them never had to deal with, including all of the following:

  • Online bullying. Now that we have social media, the risk of harassment, threats, and bullying online are so much greater now especially with teens. Social media allows everybody to create an account, even anonymous or fake ones. In terms of behaviour online, I have noticed that there is a certain sense of disconnect when it comes to how a teen may act face to face in real life versus when he or she is behind a computer screen or from their phone. Being aware of this is a good start to understanding how another person may feel before you send them a negative comment or a threat, but it doesn’t change the fact that bullying is still around…and for many teens, it can lead to psychological distress including feelings of anger, isolation, anxiety, depression, illness, humiliation, and even cutting or self-harm.
  • Anxiety on so many levels. It could be social anxiety, anxiety from exams and studying for them, anxiety from wanting to succeed post-graduation…you name it. Anxiety in teens is the new depression that we still are struggling to turn into a normalized subject of discussion, not only for teens’ benefits but for their parents, teachers, and doctors as well.
  • Depression. Depression in teens is felt at such a greater level because it impacts their brains at such a developmental part of their lives. Contrary to popular belief, the most depressed person, teen or otherwise, is not always the gloomiest teen in the classroom. Even the happiest teen may be hiding the darkest demons. Depression today is felt and seen in most teens, whether us adults are paying attention or not.
  • Study Habits. Teenagers are told to study but rarely are they taught how the mind can be used to retain and recall information effectively. Understanding how the mind works and how to use the rules of the mind to create study habits, reduce test anxiety, and have quick recall will allow teenagers to feel better about their schoolwork and exams.

It’s time we started to pay attention to these issues, because they are not going to go away no matter how much we may want to be in denial. Without our help, many of these issues in teens can lead to long-term anxiety, depression, and struggles throughout adulthood. Imagine a world of parents with the ability to guide their teens to get the help they need to create a bright, healthy, happy future on the path of success.

Why Teens Don’t Get the Help They Need

There are so many reasons why teens don’t get the help they need; a lot of those reasons boils down to the fact that more adults out there don’t know what it feels like to be a teen in today’s world—or, in several more cases, we forget they are in facts teens at all.

Although we refer to teenagers as ‘young adults’ sometimes, more often than not we tend to focus on the ‘adult’ part only when it comes to instructing and even disciplining teens—all the while forgetting the ‘young’ part which still applies to them. Teens are not adults, not yet—their brains are in the middle of an incredible but also wild stage of development in their lives. This stage means they can still feel things like love and hate at higher levels than adults and even children at times (one need only examine Romeo and Juliet as an example of emotions in teens at their highest!). Knowing this does not mean, however, that we should treat teens as we do with children—because even though they are ‘young’ they are still technically an ‘adult’ too. They are all still learning about the world, and unfortunately it seems that nowadays they are exposed to darker, heavier subjects in their lives at an earlier age and they deal with anxiety and depression.

Often, the teen in question who may develop these issues down the road as an adult struggle daily with their families. This combination of friction between family members, as well as the teen’s journey of self-discovery in terms of identity, tends to heighten the teen’s likelihood of developing greater disorders in their lives. Some teens don’t get the help they need at all because they don’t realize there even is help—they don’t talk about it or they believe there is no help.

I am here to say, this is a lie. Teens, you are not alone, and if you are a teen reading this, you absolutely can get the help you need. If you want to change for the best, hypnotherapy can help.

How Hypnotherapy Does Help

Hypnotherapy, as I’ve mentioned many times throughout my website, is the technique used to identify certain negative behaviours and patterns in one’s life, and in turn developing new ways of thinking so that one may avoid re-triggering these unnecessary behaviours. It reprograms their brain naturally, without relying on substances or invasive procedures to change their lives for the better.

If you or your teenage son or daughter or grandchild has any one of the issues I have outlined in this article, maybe it’s time to suggest consider a hypnotherapy session. It may be exactly what that teen need in their lives, here and now.

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