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Mediumship: Connecting to a Loved One | Healing Soul Hypnosis

Mediumship: Connecting to a Loved One

Before getting into mediumship itself, let me tell you what a medium is in case you didn’t know.

As a mediator between the living world and the spirit, a medium provides a three-way communication between spirit-medium-recipient (known as a “sitter”). Mediums use their psychic abilities to communicate with those who passed through to the spirit world. 

The spirit wishing to pass a message to the sitter could be relatives, friends, guides, or someone connected to the sitter. 

Mediums may be trained in some basic mediumship techniques; however, each will have their own way of connecting with their own spirit guides and their own unique gift. In my case, I use a visual connection where pictures will appear in my mind, or an awareness will become more heightened.

What is Mediumship’s Purpose?

Life is eternal. As a medium I help to provide confirmation while helping you through the grieving process, giving you the comfort of knowing those you loved are free from pain or any kind of suffering. 

Your loved one wishes to let you as the griever know that they are still alive, in spirit rather than physical body. 

Mediumship may be a tool for many, to help (without fear) develop a connection with higher dimension offering spiritual purpose and clarity. 

Open Your Mind and Intuition

To connect with your loved one through mediumship, one must have an open mind and intuition. The most important thing is to declare, “I am open, all in, and willing to receive. Open my energy, listen to my spirit guides, and receive signs and messages from those loved ones on the other side. I open my heart and arms to start feeling and seeing daily.” 

Everyone has a mind-body connection. The simplest thing is getting enough sleep. You can shift your energy through meditation; like an exchange, we direct our energy and then receive it back. 

How Can You “Tune Back in?”

Focusing on being open to one of the “clairs” can help me tune back in and connect you with your loved one. 

What are the “Clairs”? Simply put they are: 

  • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing.
  • Clairaudience: Clear hearing. 
  • Clairsentience: Clear sensing. 
  • Claircognizence: Clear knowing. 
  • Clairgustience: Clear tasting.
  • Calirolifactory: Clear smelling. 

Free will exceeds everything and can change the course of your own path in life, having the power to direct energy. You may not realize how powerful our thoughts are until you experience a session.

If you are interested in further developing your senses of spirituality and intuition, it doesn’t hurt to practice connecting to a loved one before or during mediumship sessions. Perhaps you too have felt a faint sense of a calling towards becoming a medium yourself. An exercise you can do in terms of practicing one of the “clairvoyance” is to try and affect the outcome of dice by using only your thoughts. 

Pick a number between 1 and 6 and roll your dice 12 times. It is statistically significant if you roll your picked number more than 3 times. Many find they roll their number between 4 and 6 times, which is powerful proof of projection. In a group, some will roll their dice and get a number that is not theirs, between 4 and 6 times, finding out it is the number someone else picked. Those people are receivers and should embrace learning how to honour their own energy and block the energy of others. 

This is just one example of an exercise; there are many more you can try by talking to me as your medium. With hard work and lots of practice, you can develop these abilities to be sure you interpret the information you receive from the other side correctly. 

How to Read and Interpret Signs

Create a bond with your spirit guides to help you develop your intuitive abilities, and use your connection with them to ask for signs. If you don’t be specific, you will receive default signs. 

Default signs:

  • Coins. Anything metallic and easy to manipulate, such as dimes and nickels. 
  • Birds, butterflies, bees, deer, or even bats (not typical as they can be received as scary), because they all use electromagnetism for navigation, easy to redirect. 
  • Electrical signals such as lights, appliances, empty text messages, phone calls from unknown numbers with no one on the line etc. 
  • Music. Songs on the radio, in the stores, etc. Since music is energy and shifts energy, they choose to send messages through meaningful songs/lyrics often. 
  • Fragrances. Certain aromas you smell may be intended for you to think of a loved one in spirit.
  • Numbers in general, on receipts, etc. little tokens of affection from the other side. 

By asking for specifics, this ensures intention. Ask your spirit guides to send you different signals than your loved ones, so you know it is them. 

How to Talk to Your Loved One

This can either take place during a session with me or you can choose to practice these steps yourself. So long as you are willing to keep your mind open to the spiritual world, it can’t hurt to try.

  1. Start with meditation or cleansing your mind of surrounding noises and chatter to have your loved ones come through to you. Place yourself somewhere quiet and undisturbed. Take your favourite picture of whom you are wishing to communicate with, that brings a positive memory, place it in front of you, then light a candle and place it next to the picture. 
  2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth. Let go of things you no longer need or wish to hold onto. Continue until you feel yourself relaxing. 
  3. You will feel the chatter fade and be overcome with peace. Picture your loved one in your mind, and set the intention for their invitation. Calling upon them with the intention to communicate, by using your mind, you set yourself ready for conversation. 
  4. Send out your loving thoughts, give them permission to come to you. If they feel you may become upset, they will send you love, but will back away, so as to not cause you pain. They will reach you when they know you are ready. 
  5. The key to receiving messages is patience. You may see them in your mind, hear something in your head, or physically feel their presence as they near you. When you feel they have joined you, say hello. Ask a question and await your answer. Receiving the answer might happen in several ways, follow your instinct. Don’t force the conversation toward a certain direction; open yourself to receive. The conversation will happen naturally when they are near. 
  6. When timing is right, be open to receiving the answer to your question. It may take practice and time, but worth it when you know your loved one is with you. 

Building your abilities that you may not have realized you had may take time. Once honed, however, your loved ones will always be happy to communicate with you outside of mediumship sessions.

If you need help to broaden your mind to more spiritual levels, hypnotherapy can open you up to a world of possibilities through your subconscious, further helping you to heal, bring peace and calm to your mind and body, and much more. 

Let me help you in honing your own mediumship skills or finding the peace of mind you crave through hypnotherapy. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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