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Why Do SleepTalk® with Your Kids? | Healing Soul Hypnosis

Why Do SleepTalk® with Your Kids?

Is your child struggling with self-esteem or other behavioural issues? Do you feel they could use some positive encouragement and you’re just not sure how to give it? Sounds like SleepTalk® may be right for you.

If you’re thinking, “That sounds like talking in your sleep,” you’re not wrong! SleepTalk® is in fact a program and process founded by Joane Goulding, educator and hypnotherapist of the The SleepTalk® Institute, who created it for the purpose of helping parents in aiding their child’s self-esteem and healing other behaviours and patterns no longer serving them in a non-invasive way.

What is SleepTalk® all about?

Joane Goulding originally created SleepTalk® in 1970, to help her daughter Michelle living with Cerebral Palsy. Since its creation it’s progressed into a methodology that has helped many families worldwide. Every child benefits, no matter if they have mental health issues, developmental issues, disabilities, or not.

SleepTalk® is a hypnosis tool taught to parents like you on how to work with your child’s mind while they sleep, so they wake with a more positive attitude and mindset. Using your child’s subconscious, you feed specific positive messages, a happy attitude, and confident self-esteem to them while they sleep so their mind fully accepts and believes them. 

How SleepTalk® Can Benefit Your Child

Like many parents, we can tend to fly off the handle at our children if triggered, and especially if we’re already irritated by something else. This means we may end up saying things to our children we may later regret, negative things that can have consequences on their psyche.

SleepTalk® can be a second chance to help your child redefine their basic self-image and create positive beliefs in place of negative ones previously accepted. It’s the importance of recognizing and resisting saying hurtful things to our children. We need to keep our own anger and frustrations as just that—our own—and teach our children how to properly behave. 

It does not matter if your child has any problems or issues either. SleepTalk® is still for every child, to help instill they are loved, to enforce positivity, and to guard themselves against negativity and poor self-esteem. 

Why wouldn’t you want to ensure your child knows they are loved? Just because children don’t outwardly share their concerns, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have any. 

With children who need structure in their lives, they may have more difficulty adapting to crises or major changes in their lives. SleepTalk® gives these children a secure foundation, so regardless of routine disruption, they can better cope with their surroundings.

Benefits for Children:

  • Improved behaviour, concentration, and an enjoyment of learning
  • Improved overall health and well-being
  • Improved family, teacher, and peer relationships
  • Greater attainment of potential 
  • Boosted confidence to help with peer pressure and bullying

Benefits for the Family:

  • Improved communication and relationships 
  • Less tension within the family
  • Lower separation anxiety 
  • Less sibling rivalry
  • A reduced need for help from a specialist
  • A thriving, positive home environment

Specific Issues that can improve with help from SleepTalk®:

  • Autism spectrum behaviours
  • Bedwetting
  • Temper tantrums
  • Nail biting and other nervous habits
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Poor eating habits
  • A number of health issues with physiological factors, such as asthma and various skin conditions

Want to know more about SleepTalk’s benefits? You can read my other blog post, The Benefits of the SleepTalk® Program for Children.

Why SleepTalk May be the Best Choice

According to The SleepTalk® Institute, there are many case histories about families dealing with a variety of behaviour disorders, including poor behaviour management, stress, fear, anxiety, aggression, and trauma. It can also assist with sibling rivalry and harmful communication patterns. 

Any issues your child may struggle with around education, study, cooperation, and concentration can benefit from SleepTalk®. The same can be said for health issues, like asthma, bedwetting, nail biting, and speech difficulties, which may have a subconscious underlying cause such as anxiety, at the root. 

Emotional health, for any human being, is the key to happiness. Your brain is a very powerful tool, so why not utilize it? The earlier you start, the better your emotional future. 

You may be thinking that SleepTalk® sounds like a dream that’s too good to be true. However, with my help to provide you the tools to use this substance-free, pain-free, non-invasive “remedy” that can promote the modification in your child’s behaviour and assist with communication and family dynamics, it can be a real dream come true. 

If you feel SleepTalk® may be right for your child and family, don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer SleepTalk® as a full program or in individual phases based on your family’s needs. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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