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12 Signs You Have a Spiritually Gifted Child | Healing Soul Hypnosis

12 Signs You Have a Spiritually Gifted Child

Did you know children are in hypnosis until the age of 7, and to a certain degree 12-14 years? Children and teens alike can be exceptionally sensitive to the outside world. Some of them may possess what is called an “old soul”.

“Old soul” can literally be described as a soul many times reborn. You may find your child feels like an old soul by some of their attributes, mannerisms, and gifts. It’s occurring more commonly amongst today’s children.

Intuitive and spiritual giftedness allows children to understand and process things differently, a new kind of intelligence. Maybe your own child or teen can relate?

Traits to Look For and 9 Core Intuitive Abilities Worth Knowing About

It can be confusing as a parent to see what’s happening to your child or teen as they grow and develop their gifts. However, you can support and help them out by knowing what to look for. It will help make these gifts in your child be easier to spot. 

Common traits to watch for include:

  • Over-sensitivity to an environment.
  • Imaginative, creative, or “right brain” thinking.
  • They have a “vibe” of people and situations, even total strangers.
  • They feel greatly affected by crowds or noisy places.
  • Your child may say they have been to a place before, even though you know they have not.
  • They have imaginary friends or hear voices.
  • They possess deep knowledge of ancestors, though you are unsure how. 
  • Your child or teen says they see ghosts.
  • Your child experiences noises, flashes of light, or other unexplainable occurrences. 
  • Your child is deeply attached emotionally to animals or they have a “way” with them. 
  • They often feel the urge to put their hands on things to help or heal them. 
  • Auras and energy are often seen.
  • Dreams are especially vivid.
  • They understand the spiritual teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and other deities, and you don’t know where they got their knowledge from.

In case you were wondering, intuitive development and spiritual giftedness are the same thing. That’s because both abilities stem from the same source—the Divine/Universe/Source/One/God/All/Love/Light, whichever name you prefer to use. It means if intuitive development is practiced for long enough, spiritual awareness grows and vice versa. If one sticks with spiritual practice long enough, they become intuitive. When applied to you and your child, if you head down one road, you eventually reach the other.

Here are the 9 core abilities a gifted child or teen may possess:

  1. Clairsentience: the art of intuitive feeling, picking up energies. They may also have the ability to hold an object and tell its history (aka psychometry).
  2. Clairaudience: the art of intuitive hearing. Spirit guides, angels, or other entities (imaginary friends for example) may also hear music. 
  3. Clairvoyance: the art of intuitive seeing. “Pictures in their head,” or “movies in their mind.”
  4. Mediumship: the ability to communicate with those who’ve departed. 
  5. Channeling: the art of receiving information via another entity. 
  6. Remote Viewing: the ability to see things far away, as if you were there in person. 
  7. Astral Projection: the ability to move their consciousness to different areas, while their bodies stay in one place. 
  8. Energy Healing: the ability to use energy to heal via hands or distance. 
  9. Spiritual Advancement: the gift of deep spiritual knowing.

12 Signs a Child is Spiritually Gifted

1. Curiosity

Kids are curious to begin with, but spiritually gifted ones use their curiosity to learn. They’re determined to acknowledge what things are missing in the way they see things. With such an unusual sense of focus they aren’t satisfied with quick or general answers to their questions.

2. Questions

The power of asking questions. These kids can understand how to draw the mind into a singular point through a well-constructed question. Though they are simple, these questions are sharp and powerful.

Straightforwardness should not be confused with competition or arguing. These children wish for you to understand what they are telling you. They’re interested in reflecting you as you are, and if you don’t support this, they will question you. 

3. Intense Personal Reflection

Determined to connect in their single mindedness with the Higher self, gifted children want change now, no excuses to habits, patterns, or ways in which you do things.

This kind of reflection is more like binary math; you have or haven’t made change. When in balance, your child accepts it as it should be. They will be direct in telling you what you have out-of-balance with yourself, and do this out of love, not brutality or rebellion. 

4. Reading

Children who find comfort in reading, whether they’re speedy or slow and/or dyslexic, can be considered gifted. They love being in touch with the information and the energy they receive. Reading can also mean other forms of taking in information and will have their own ways to get the information they want.

5. Knowledge Beyond Their Years

Take the time to really listen. Your child may have a spiritual depth of understanding beyond their own mind or even this world. It’s suggested to you as a parent to ask questions about the spiritual and physical understandings your child possesses. After finding their own way of gathering knowledge, their desire to share is stronger than their desire to receive.

6. Talents

Spiritual and natural gifts are unlimited. From music, math, literature, and the arts and everything in between, these talents are normal among spiritually gifted children. Celebrate, nourish, and help your child understand their talents and that they are not a fault or problem.

7. Sensitive

Spiritually gifted children are sensitive with natural empathic abilities, in particular with their parents. Though it is a positive attribute, sensitivities can impair a child’s energy to fully thrive by trying to parent a parent. Be aware and help aid your child to appreciate and value the nature of their sensitivity. 

Some smells, sounds, and patterns can trigger negatively. Rather than pushing to disregard the sensitivity, help them to use their gift in a way that won’t be painful to them. Don’t instruct them to desensitize, as it can lead to undesired vices or escapism later in life, such as drugs or alcohol, as coping mechanisms.  

8. Struggles with the “Rules” of School, Family, and Community

Not that rules don’t apply to these children, but the rules have to make sense to them. Teaching rules for the sake of rules won’t get you very far. It’s not that children and teens don’t want to be polite, for example, but they have a greater understanding that being nice to everyone—like a thief—isn’t healthy.

Logically explaining the ways and means will not be enough. It’s the energy they are interested in rather than the logic. They’ll often wonder, does it “feel” right? 

9. Knowledge of How to Use Their Spiritual Gifts

Children and teens who practice and play with their spiritual gifts find expressing them easy. They could be masters in reading auras or astral travel like it is a common practice, or create situations and other opportunities that would be considered impossible. The gift of healing may be a part of their spiritual tool kit.

10. Strong and Powerful

These children will show their strength and power but in diverse ways. They may be powerful, but they aren’t brutal and don’t have to be. Having knowledge of the real system they have no need to fight, more so to do things as they see they need to be done. 

11. Kind, Loving, Polite, and Honest

 Most spiritually gifted children are very loving, with a sincere understanding of compassion. This is because they see the whole and the flaws of those who surround them. When these children connect with you on a spiritual level, you are shown genuine kindness and politeness. 

Anything not done in truth is something these children don’t understand as it confuses them that anything would be done outside honesty. Spiritually gifted children can see the truth as an understanding. 

12. Forgiveness

The ability to forgive is extremely powerful. An example of this type of forgiveness can be shown in a situation such as parent abandonment. When a spiritually gifted child shows forgiveness done in purity, it can appear otherworldly in their sincerity and simplicity.

If this sounds like your child or teenager, now is the best time to encourage their spiritual development and hone their gifts. At Healing Soul Hypnosis, I am offering an Extraordinary Children/Teens Development Program for those children and young adults who are gifted, sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, telepathic, psychic, or different. 

If you think your child may be spiritually gifted, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or wish to book a session or sign up for my new program. I look forward to meeting you and your child or teenager and helping you better understand their true gifts and incredible potential as spiritual human beings.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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