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Meditation Classes

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In addition to her hypnotherapy sessions, Erin Johnstone offers meditation classes are for people who are wishing to develop their meditation skills.

These sessions will help participants to enjoy a deep sense of calm and relaxation while strengthening their connection to their higher self, building a strong intuition and developing a quieter mind.

Erin began her journey with meditation in 2001. She has many years experience with a variety of meditation techniques such as focus, mindfulness, yoga, “I am,” and guided mediations, both independently and in groups.

Why You Should Consider Joining

Meditation provides some wonderful long-term benefits to those who are looking to achieve a greater sense of peace in their lives.

All too often we are bombarded with stress and anxiety triggers, both in real life and in situations of perceived stress. There’s a greater need, now more than ever, to regain our sense of inner calm, emotional balance, and focused intention, whether it’s at work or at home.

With meditation, you can achieve a sense of focus and calm by creating a that greater sense of mindfulness that may be lacking in your daily life. Why not give Erin’s guided meditation classes a chance?

What If You Think You Can’t Meditate?

All too often people will “try” meditation a couple of times and don’t achieve that conscious mind quiet that other people who meditate talk about. They then feel discouraged and claim, “I can’t meditate; my mind is too busy.”

We don’t go to a chin-up bar and expect to immediately be able to do a hundred chin-ups before we are able to do a single one. Meditation is much the same. We must train our minds to achieve and maintain the different brain wave states. This happens over time with practice.


Please wear comfortable clothing and have water on standby.

You will have to register in advance. You can pay online or send Erin a message.

Check the Events page and stay tuned to see when the next classes are.

Please contact Erin if you have any questions.

Contact us for more information or book an appointment

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