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Financial Troubles? No Problem. Here's How Hypnosis Can Help | Healing Soul Hypnosis

Financial Troubles? No Problem. Here’s How Hypnosis Can Help

Are you finding your grocery bill keeps rising, even though what you buy stays the same? Are you worried about how you’re going to be able to eat if it keeps going up?

Are you dealing with some debt issues with the feeling like you’re starting to fall behind and the stress is getting to you?

Have you found yourself scared to take that promotion that was offered to you at work? Or did you turn down an amazing job opportunity that would benefit you financially?

Do you feel you might be afraid of money?

If so, you’re not alone. October 2023 saw 1 in 3 Canadians 15 and older (33.1%) living in a household who found it tough or quite tough to meet financial needs with regards to transportation, housing, food, clothing, and other necessary expenses over four weeks, according to StatCan. That’s including 1 in 10 (9.3%) of Canadians that live in a household who found it very tough to meet their financial needs.

With our essential goods and services costing more, it continues to place financial stress and pressure on many Canadian households. September 2023 saw the increase of costs in shelter (+6.0%) and food (+5.9%) overtook the growth of annual wage (+5.0%).

Bills can be an icky part of being an adult, especially if you’re already struggling to make ends meet or understanding finance isn’t a strength of yours. Jobs and other life circumstances can be overwhelming when it comes to obtaining or losing financial wealth. The stress and anxiety surrounding money and how we handle it can become too much and things can go awry.

It’s not all doom and gloom though and it doesn’t have to be. There is help! I am here for you as a clinical hypnotherapist. Learn how with hypnotherapy I can help you with your financial troubles and worries.

How Money Fear Can Affect Your Life

There are many reasons and causes for someone to become anxious over money, and the fears that result from these reasons are quite similar.

Are your wealth choices in fact “choices”?

How you manage your money is up to you. Nothing wrong with choosing certain boundaries when it comes to your wealth.

However, you may feel obligated to restrict yourself, even when you see and know it would be a benefit to you (and possibly others) in improving your financial situation.

You are in control of how you respond to financial worries.

Even if you don’t reach a “rock bottom” when it comes to your finances, most of us do experience some sort of financial worries during our lives, either by our own actions or thrusted upon us due to situations beyond our control. However, the way in which we respond to it is within our own control, and keeping our financial worries at bay is a crucial mechanism for survival.

Financial worry does have a purpose.

Like any worries we experience in life, financial worry is no different and has its purpose. It alerts you to paying attention to what is going on in your finances and to take necessary actions. This may mean doing any number of things you would rather not do. For example, things like making a budget, managing the budget, and making payment plans regarding paying off debt, seeing where you can cut back on your expenses.

That may lead to procrastination or “sticking your head in the sand.” This worry is an encouragement to break that procrastination and get things done.

Understanding our financial stress

Stress is an overwhelming feeling, and when it comes to our finances it can be added pressure. It affects those of all ages and backgrounds. This burden we feel can lead to anxiety, loss of sleep, and consistent uneasy feeling.

No matter if it’s the loss of your job, unexpected expenses, or climbing debt, I can help you explore effective ways of dealing with your financial stress with hypnotherapy.

The brutal cycle of finance stress

It can be hard to break free from the brutal cycle financial stress can create. When worry and anxiety over money consumes us, the ability to make decisions can become compromised, which leads to poor choices financially and further aggravates the situation. Our preoccupation with financial issues can impede our ability to focus on other areas of our lives, which can strain our relationships and cause a major decrease in our overall well-being.

What do we do when financial worries attack?

We are prone to letting worries, like financial worries, attack the parts of our life where it has no place.

For the sake of our mental health and overall well-being, we need to keep the parts of our lives that are doing well separate from our financial worries. We don’t need that extra stress to be creeping into our spare time, sleep, or relationships.

So, how do we take action about this worry, you ask? Simple: we seek professional help, and on that note, I’m here as your hypnotherapist to help you.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Navigate Financial Worries and Stress

We acquire this fixed belief, conscious or unconscious, that it is “wrong” to have money, or larger amounts of money. Reasoning for being “wrong” with it varies, but the consequence will make you uneasy about crossing this boundary.

Meaning even if you attain a higher income yourself or circumstances change, or another source leads to a raise in your wealth, the feeling of being “in the wrong” can steer us toward actions that can prevent or reverse the rise of this wealth.

This may lead to rejecting a promotion or amazing job opportunity, or spending all your newly acquired wealth as fast as you acquired it, so your wealth returns or stays in a “safe zone.”

While I cannot magically take away your financial debt or make money appear in your bank account, I can help you deal with the root cause of your major stresses, worries, and anxiety regarding and surrounding financial troubles.

Keep in mind, hypnotherapy is more than attending sessions and then doing nothing afterwards. In order for it to be successful, there needs to be a two-way street involved, i.e. you won’t find success unless you want to change the way you feel about your finances. So you need to be willing to work with me in order for me to help you.

The therapeutic technique of hypnosis will induce you into a trance-like state as a powerful tool in helping you manage financial stress. Hypnosis can help to reduce your anxiety levels, improve your quality of sleep, and improve rational thinking. When accessing your subconscious mind, hypnosis can help reframe your negative thought patterns and beliefs of money, which allow you to implement a more positive and empowering mindset.

With hypnosis, I can help you identify the underlying cause of your financial stress, like deep-rooted fears or controlling beliefs about money. We can explore your subconscious triggers, so you can gain a deeper understanding of your financial behaviours and begin to heal.

I can help you reframe your negative thoughts and beliefs surrounding money using hypnosis. If you believe you are doomed to continuously struggle with finances, hypnosis can help shift this belief into something more positive and empowering, promoting wealth and financial well-being, for example.

Through your subconscious, hypnosis can help to strengthen your resilience when facing financial challenges by developing a stronger sense of self-confidence, optimism, and the ability to bounce back from obstacles.

If these sound like positive outcomes that would benefit you, I’m here when you’re ready.

Book Now If You’re Ready to Seek Help Navigating Your Financial Worries and Stress

When dealing with the worries and stress of financial issues, it can take its toll on our mental and emotional health. By using hypnotherapy, I can help you to manage and ease the burden of your financial stress. Hypnotherapy helps in reframing negative beliefs about money and increases resistance.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help manage your financial stress. In severe cases, seeking out professional help with financial advisors, therapists, counselors, and hypnotherapists that based on your individual needs can provide tailored guidance and support is fundamental.

If you or someone you know is suffering from stress in your life, feel free to check out How Hypnotherapy Can Help With These 5 Main Causes of Stress.

And if you’re feeling ready to navigate those financial troubles at last, book your free 20-minute consultation here.

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