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Hypnosis for Children

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Children are a walking subconscious mind. How deep in hypnosis they are depends on their age. Children in utero until 2 years are in the delta brain wave state; 2-7 years they move into the theta brainwave state; 7-12 years they are in alpha; after approximately 12 years, they move into beta. This makes children highly suggestible. This is also exactly why most of our issues, patterns, behaviours, and beliefs come from childhood, both positive and negative.

Children do not need to “go into” hypnosis so much as they need to just close their eyes and use their imagination.

Fears and anxieties that are very strongly prevalent in your adult life, such as flying or perhaps even dentistry, can come about from a traumatic experience in childhood, or from modeling. It is common for whole families to have the same beliefs or fears. Fear is a natural reaction to certain situations, but when a fear or phobia prevents you from living your life, that can be harmful to your sense of well-being. It can prevent you from living your highest potential.

To children, the world seems scarier and much bigger than it does to all us adults. This stage of their lives they have little if any conscious analytic thinking to make sense of their experiences. Their experiences without the maturity to make sense of events can create emotions and habits that are established and worsen over their lifetime. Some of these experiences may lead to unpleasant or harmful triggers in their next stages of life. More and more children at a very early age experience low self-esteem, have trouble concentrating, experience generalized anxiety and so many more fear based or stress related issues.

This is why it’s important to establish a healthy, more positive way of living life. Through visualization, imagination and direct suggestion, hypnosis can give children the ability to transform their lives and grow into well balanced healthy minded individuals.

Erin offers both individualized and group sessions for children ages 6 to 17.

Group Sessions for Children and Teens

These group sessions are all focused on a different emotion or habit such as Confidence/Self Esteem, Anxiety/Stress, Focus/Concentration, Sleep Habits, Exam Anxiety and Fears/Phobias, and so much more.

Notes on Group Sessions

Children must be able to follow simple instructions. Please do not send children with disruptive behaviour habits to these group sessions. It is important that all participants receive the highest level of benefits of the session.

This is a drop-off session; parents are not permitted in the room during the hypnotherapy.

All permission forms must be filled out and submitted in order for a child to participate. Please bring a water bottle for your child’s comfort.

You can check us out on Meetup.com for current schedules.

Location: #2300-2850 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam V3C 6K5

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