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How Hypnosis Helps with Flow in Creative People | Healing Soul Hypnosis

How Hypnosis Helps with Flow in Creative People

Creative people usually include those who are…well, creative! The first thing that usually comes to mind are artists, painters, writers, musicians, dancers, sculptors, composers, songwriters, journalists, comedians, designers, architects, and directors, but did you know that also includes those with a scientific mind?

Many of these people experience some sort of block in their creative flow in their lives and careers. Oftentimes the block is related to performance anxiety, as well as other such issues. 

There is good news, however. Hypnotherapy can help. 

What is Creative Flow?

Creative flow is the mental state of being entirely existent and completely engaged in a task. Flow is a vital contributor to creativity. Outside distractions must hide from our consciousness while having a fully open mind. 

Being in the “zone” of creative flow can be best described as a trance. It’s very true that hypnotherapy has also been described “like a dream” while in the relaxed state. Creativity is a similar state of mind, one that can easily travel between fantasy and reality, but it also needs to be released and guided for proper development in creative careers. 

Hypnosis cannot make a person be able to act, paint, compose music, or write a screenplay if they do not have the ability to do so. It can, however, help to strengthen these abilities if you already have them. 

At Healing Soul Hypnosis, I use hypnotherapy, with its relaxed state, to help promote discovering creativity you did not realize you had. Hypnosis can help to pull out things deep within the mind that is often pushed aside by thoughts that also demand your attention, but may not be the most constructive. 

Overcoming Blocks and Promoting the Positive

Creative people usually suffer from self-doubt, which can end up overshadowing the creative process and make them unable to pursue their goals. If you’ve ever been described as having writer’s block or any kind of creative block, you understand how draining this can be. 

Using hypnotherapy promotes: 

  • An increased focus, both in general and creatively speaking
  • Greater access to a creative flow state 
  • The ability to change gears and bypass creative blocks 
  • Relieve the harshness of self doubt
  • Alleviate writers’ blocks 
  • Unlock and increase creativity overall 
  • Lessen the anxiety of speaking/performing in public 
  • Improve positivity 
  • Enhance performance 
  • Boost determination 
  • Calm fear and stress 
  • Heighten energy and stamina 
  • and reach your potential

You can further enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis by staying engaged with your creative project while touching base with your inner sources of inspiration. 

A lack of inspiration can hit the most experienced of artists resulting in an almost extreme inability to create. There is a haziness that creative people suffer from that can confuse the creative process making it difficult to reach goals. Creative blocks can happen for many reasons including harsh critiques, fear or rejection, stress/anxiety, failure, depression, lack of support, or deadlines. 

Energy and anxiety are completely natural, normal, and inevitable to experience as a creative person. It is what you do with that energy that makes you in control. Hypnotherapy can teach you strategies and techniques to embrace your physical and mental energy as you learn to channel it into what helps you. 

When handed a creative project, we can become anxious and filled with uncertainty of not being able to find a logical solution; all that creates anxiety itself. The more anxious you are or become, the less likely you notice subtle insights. Hypnotherapy can help you learn to control uncertainty and to have more insight. 

When achieving clear moments, you gain wisdom to use your own individual way. With hypnotherapy at Healing Soul Hypnosis, I can help you achieve these moments to help set you apart from others. Contact me if you are a creative person who wants to try a hypnotherapy session, or if you have any questions or concerns. 

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.


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