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5 Ways to Practice the Abundance Mindset Along with Hypnotherapy | Healing Soul Hypnosis

5 Ways to Practice the Abundance Mindset Along with Hypnotherapy

The abundance mindset can be achieved through the help of hypnotherapy, as I have mentioned in my previous article Abundance Via Hypnotherapy: It’s Not Just a State of Mind. There are some things you can do alongside your hypnotherapy sessions that will help to achieve that sense of abundance in your life. Here are five ways to do it; feel free to practice these at home, at work, and in your daily life.

1. Practice Gratitude

Be grateful for the things we already have in our lives; this is one simple thing we can practice daily. Notice and appreciate the things we have, the people in our lives who love and support us, and when things are going right. The most powerful thing we can do is practice gratitude daily to increase our abundance. You can start off by writing down 3 things you are grateful for. You can either write them down on a slip of paper and stick it in a jar or keep a gratitude journal by your side.

2. Expand Your Vision and Relaxation

Expanding your vision means looking inward. All it takes is a few minutes each day to do something calming. You can do this either through meditation, soaking in a warm bath, going for a walk, practicing yoga, getting a massage, or listening to your favourite music. By allowing the mind to relax and clear, you’re allowing opportunity for new ideas to flow.

“Expansion is the great friend of abundance. It brings in the light, opening up new possibilities. In a relaxed, open state, your awareness sees farther, and life isn’t so confined.” – Deepak Chopra

3. Take Responsibility

To take responsibility and reach a state of recognition for your life, circumstances, feelings, and future can be empowering. When you feel like you are a victim, or have no control over your own life, it can be difficult to reach an abundance mindset.

4. Positive Action Turned from Negativity

When something negative hits us, our automatic response is to feel defeated and go further down the rabbit hole. If you can manage to find one positive action to take to improve the situation, it can help shift the momentum. Researching possible solutions to the problem, talking it out with someone you trust, speaking up, or establishing personal boundaries are all positive actions you can take.

5. Don’t Forget Self-Care Means Pampering Too 

Allowing yourself to feel luxurious can help to let go of scarcity and negative feelings. Inexpensive luxuries are not only fun but also an effective tool in helping to create your abundance mindset. All it takes are small things that cost less that $20, such as a new book, a new coffee or tea mug, a bouquet of flowers, or a movie night at the theatre with a close friend.

Take these tips one at a time; there is no rush to achieve the abundance mindset. If you would like some help to get started on these techniques, let me know at our next hypnotherapy session together.

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