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4 Things You'll Feel Immediately After a Hypnosis Session (and Why They're Worth Talking About) | Healing Soul Hypnosis

4 Things You’ll Feel Immediately After a Hypnosis Session (and Why They’re Worth Talking About)

Did you know hypnosis is from the Greek word, “Hypnos,” meaning to sleep? Throughout our history, many ancient healers and Shaman have used trance-like states of mind to assist in healing.

Modern day hypnosis was created by 18th-century Austrian physician, Dr. Franz Mesmer, who used various hypnosis techniques in his practice.

Fast forward to the mid-20th century. Hypnosis makes a comeback, as Dr. Milton Erickson campaigned the Ericksonian Model, and was regarded as the “father of hypnotherapy.”

And in 1958, hypnotherapy became recognized as a valid medical procedure, with many health care professionals respecting it as an effective therapeutic tool to this day.

Hypnotherapy is effective in helping to cope with anxiety and other mood disorders, pain management, behavioural change, hot flashes, cancer treatment side effects, and irritable bowel syndrome, as a few examples.

For hypnosis to work, you need to allow your body and mind to receive it, and prepare for the positive results. 

Learn what aftereffects come with a hypnotherapy session and why it is important to be aware of them.

1. How You Feel Immediately After Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has many positive aftereffects, as that is what we wish to achieve within these sessions. The feeling of deep relaxation, improved self-esteem, boost in confidence, and healthy sleeping habits, among many others are just some examples of positive aftereffects you may experience after a session. 

What is also common is to feel a rejuvenated exhilarated feeling of positivity after your hypnotherapy session. These effects may last between several hours to days but can become more regular the more hypnotherapy sessions you have. 

2. Intense Aftereffects When Dealing with Intense Subjects

Though it is rare, some intense aftereffects after a hypnotherapy session may include:

  • Feeling of anxiety of distress
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Feel groggy or tired or ungrounded
  • Feeling cathartic or like a purge has taken place

Those who are not used to being completely relaxed might feel groggy, light-headed, or drowsy after a hypnotherapy session. It is usually a means of your mind adapting back to reality after being in a trance state and dealing with vital or vulnerable issues in your subconscious mind.

You may feel low temporarily after a session due to your mind dealing with difficult or prominent issues therapeutically, which may cause you to feel this way.

After a few minutes of these feelings, your mind experiences a gentle increasing feeling of positivity, like feelings associated with freedom and relief.

When your brain responds this way, it means the problematical issue has been resolved during your hypnotherapy session.

For many people doing deep inner work to resolve issues it can feel both like a huge release or as though a weight has been lifted, but also like they just did some hard mental work.

3. Positive Effects that Can Increase as Days and Weeks Pass

You may find after your hypnotherapy session(s) that you:

  • Sleep better.
  • Become more relaxed generally.
  • Have improved confidence and self-esteem.
  • Sense an uplifting, euphoric feeling, lasting hours, or days afterwards. 
  • Notice the changes in behavioural patterns or emotional responses that no longer serve you, and recognizing new different emotions and actions instead.

Other positive effects you may experience include things like a rash you may have had before therapy (not the subject of your treatment sessions), disappears, or finally able to sleep through the night and you never spoke of any sleep issues. The main aftereffect of hypnosis that lingers is:

4. Deep Inner Calm

The deep, lingering effect of inner calm after a hypnotherapy session may also be met with being full of energy. While some others may feel so relaxed, they would prefer not to even move from the hypnosis chair or have become sleepy-tired in the process.

Please make sure that if you feel drowsy and plan to drive home, take a moment to get some fresh air, stretch, and get grounded before going directly to your vehicle to drive. 

The Takeaway

I want you to feel safe and secure in your hypnotherapy sessions and reap the positive benefits it has to offer. If you feel any of the intense aftereffects I mentioned earlier, let me know, so I can help guide you through these intense feelings and answer any questions and concerns you may have. 

Before your session, you can prepare by checking out these 8 Tips to Make Your Hypnotherapy Session Successful. This way, you’ll get even more out of your hypnotherapy sessions, and see even more positive aftereffects. 

If you feel you’re ready and willing to receive hypnosis and transform your mind and life, you can contact me today.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Healing Soul Hypnosis and a clickable link back to this page.

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