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Extraordinary Teens | Healing Soul Hypnosis

Extraordinary Teens Development Program – Class 4

Class 4
Does your teenager struggle at school? Have they ever had an experience that they could not never truly explain…they simply “felt” that a certain thing would happen or be said?

Perhaps you’re worried about your teen’s spiritual growth, or you’re both finding it a real challenge to navigate their emotions and thoughts in a healthy way. Maybe they’re extra sensitive to the outside world too. Maybe the words “gifted”, “psychic”, “sensitive”, or “different” were words used to describe your teenager by a teacher or daycare provider.

If this sounds like your teen, I have big news: I’m introducing an exceptional new program just for exceptional teenagers.

Children and teens are all in hypnosis until the age of 7, and to a certain degree 12-16 years. They are extra susceptible to certain thoughts and phrases that we wouldn’t think twice about. They have all been troopers when it was time to help us adults survive a tumultuous year, as well. 

Isn’t it time we gave back to them?

My new program will help teens:

  • Understand and harness the power of energy, auras, and chakras 
  • Greatly develop their emotions and intuition
  • Understand how their beliefs and experiences impact their response to the world
  • Learn self-hypnosis and meditation techniques
  • Create intentions
  • Manage embracing their spiritual being while having this physical experience
  • And much more

Sessions are available now for teens ages 13-16. Each session will take place once a month on Zoom, from March to June 2021.

What About Kids Younger than 13-16?

I’ll be helping them out too! Please send your email address and the name and age of your child to this email: info@healingsoulhypnosis.com.

Please contact Erin Johnstone for more information:
604-837-3746 or info@healingsoulhypnosis.com

The event is finished.


Jun 05 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm




Erin Johnstone


Erin Johnstone
(604) 837-3746
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